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As the governing body for lifesaving sport in Canada, the Lifesaving Society offers a certification program for lifesaving sport officials.

The Lifesaving Sport Officials Certification program is designed to assist with the flexibility of a variety of lifesaving sport formats, including Pool, Open Water and Emergency Response competitions. Certification is earned after participation and completion of each course. Experience is required to advance to the next level of the Lifesaving Sport Officials Certification program

  • Officials Level 1 prepares volunteers with basic competitive lifesaving officiating skills. Volunteers are trained to act as a Marshall, Announcer, Timer, Runner, Ribbon Handler, Scorekeeper, and Equipment Mover during a lifesaving competition.
  • Officials Level 2 provides volunteers with officiating skills requiring judgment and problem solving skills. Volunteers will act as a Clerk of Course, Chief Timer, Starter, Referee, Stroke & Turn Judge, Chief Scorer, and Equipment Manager during a lifesaving competition.
  • Officials Level 3 provides volunteers with the information and skills required to organize a Lifesaving Sport competition. Volunteers are trained to coordinate and manage the logistics involved in running a successful sanctioned competition.

Parents, siblings, coaches, volunteers, or avid fans of Lifesaving Sport events are encouraged to take their Officials training. Anyone 12 years of age or older can become an Official; previous experience is not required.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited Lifesaving Sport Official please contact the Lifesaving Society office. The Society will provided you with course dates and times, and enrolment information. Officials training often corresponds with sanctioned competitions.

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