Sanctioned Event Warm-Up Procedures


Warm-up procedures for Lifesaving Society sanctioned competitions have been developed for safe and orderly conduct during warm-up. These procedures are to be followed by participants including athletes, coaches, officials and pool staff.

During the designated warm-up period, the Meet Manager and Safety Officer are responsible for warm-up procedures. Non-compliance with these procedures may result in a warning or removal of the participant from the warm-up, and possibly further reporting to the competition management committee for action.


The Safety Officer and Safety Marshalls will actively monitor the warm-up for compliance with the procedures. The Safety Officer should be notified of any swimmers who are participating in warm-up who may have special needs. Lifesaving Society certified national lifeguards must be present for warm-up.


General Warm-Up Rules:


Specific/Sprint Warm-Up Period:



Sanctioned Event Warm-up Procedures (PDF)


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