Become an Official

Community Official (Officials Level 1)

Community Official prepares volunteers with basic competitive lifesaving officiating skills. Volunteers are trained to act as a Marshall, Announcer, Timer, Runner, Equipment Crew, Tabulator and Recorder.

Prerequisite(s): 13 years of age

Course Length: 2 hours


Recertification: None. Must complete original Community Official course to remain current


Pool Official (Officials Level 2)

Pool Official provides volunteers with officiating skills requiring judgement and problem solving. Volunteers are trained to act as a Clerk of Course, Chief Timer, Starter, Lane Judge, Turn Judge, Finish Judge, Chief Finish Judge, Scorer, Safety Officer and Equipment Crew Chief.

Prerequisite(s): Community Official, 16 years of age, officiating experience

Course Length: 4 hours


Recertification: Pool Official recertification is for Pool Officials to have the knowledge, skill and judgement to officiate and volunteer at Lifesaving Society sanctioned Lifesaving Sport competitions.

To recertify Pool Official complete the distance recertification process and submit a distance recertification form, found HERE.



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